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Injung Corporation

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AUTO GARBAGE CLEANING CAR 청소(도시의 거리,공원,주차장,공중전화부스,아파트단지.등), 낙엽수거, 제설작업에 편리.유용하게 사용되어 여러사람의 수작업을 한 대의 CLEANING CAR가 대체해줌. Fresh creates clean & green city. Fresh is a useful auto garbage car for footpath(at city street/park/ booths/apartment house complexes/parking lot), collecting fallen leaves, and removing snow..etc. Specifications & Functions 1.Engine - Possible to run for 24 hours as industrial Gasolin engine. - ISO & California Emission Regulation 2.Inhalation system - Inhalted/crushed by impeller made of special strengthening stainless steel. 3.Cleaning capability - Working speed : 4Km/hr - The quantity of waste can be shortened as bottle/can.etc crushed & inhalated. 4.Cleaning function - The waste is stored in the internal vynil bag via inhalating inlet when the brush,installed at two front spots,is circulated by oil pressure. - The waste at the spot the brush can not approach, is inhalated using Wonder hose. 5.Dusting function - The dust & excretions is removed/cleaned with the nozzle for water sprinkling installed at two front spots & inhalating inlet. - Especially the internal water tank is designed to supply & sprinkle water easily. 6.Storage system - Possible to install/attach the outer bag for much waste; also possible to insert the internal bags into outer bag. - the internal bag filled with waste can be collected or changed opening the zipper of outer bag. - Large bag for much falled leaf can be used at collecting fallen leaves/wastes in Autumn. 7.Safty system - cleaning with worker sat on sliding & folding up type seat - installing front lamp for night cleaning. - installing circulated alart lamp at front spot. - installing alart melody horn. 8.Removing snow - attaching snow-remover after dettaching brush. 9.Adjusting function - Possible to adjust the height of brush inlet based on the surface. - Possible to adjust the height of brush. - Possible to adjust RPM of brush. - Possible to adjust RPM of engine. - Possible to adjust water-sprinkling based on wastes & dust q'ty. - Easy to do front or rear driving or instant sudden stopping. If you have any question, Freely pls contact us. Best Regards Harold Huh

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